It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend Kaplan EduNeering’s Seventh Annual Knowledge Summit.  The Knowledge Summit will be held on May 6 and 7, 2010.  Based on the positive responses to last year’s event, we will once again host our Summit at the Westin Hotel in Philadelphia, PA.   We hope you join us for a program that we believe is both timely and inspiring. 

The Knowledge Summit brings together a unique group of thought leaders and practicing professionals in the fields of knowledge management, regulatory compliance and business performance.   This year’s theme is Building Sustainable Businesses: Ethics, Quality, Performance.  The theme grew from ongoing discussions with you and your peers, input from our subject matter experts, and insights gained from Kaplan’s work in the global marketplace.  Based on that wealth of input, we have designed a program that introduces new ideas, proven strategies and practical tools to address the complex issues you face daily.

Our keynote speaker, Jeffrey Hollender, is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Seventh Generation, a respected leader in corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices.   Jeffrey is a pioneer of sustainability. and a popular guest speaker on the business imperative for more sustainable practices.  His newest book, “The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Business Will Win,” will be published this April and will be available to our guests at the Knowledge Summit.

Jeffrey’s presentation will center on how sustainable practices are being used successfully by leading business organizations to manage cost, compliance and competitive challenges.  Jeffrey’s insights are grounded in solid business experience and focus on practical actions we can take, professionally and personally, to support a more sustainable economy and environment.  Recently, Kaplan EduNeering and Seventh Generation formed the Sustainability Institute, which expands the lessons Jeffrey will share through best practices, specialized training and educational resources for developing and implementing sustainable business practices.

The second day of our Summit will open with an interactive presentation led by Sharlyn Lauby on the subject of social media in the workplace.  Sharlyn is an HR pro, accomplished blogger and leading voice on the topic of how social media fits into the corporate landscape.  Social media cannot be ignored, either as a compliance issue or an opportunity for dialogue with customers and colleagues.  This is how “big” social media has become: if Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s fourth largest. 

Our final presentation, “The Future of Quality,” will be delivered by David Spong, president-elect of the American Society of Quality (ASQ).  David is the only two-time winner of the Baldrige Award. He will be sharing the results of an ASQ study that identifies the top forces impacting the business environment as well as his knowledge and well-respected insights. 

As always, our Summit includes some extras, including client presentations, platform optimization sessions and interactive panel discussions.  Each is designed to provide support for your ongoing compliance, quality and business improvement programs.  We’ll also be hosting evening events at the Adventure Aquarium and Lucky Strikes – and we promise they will be unforgettable..

We look forward to continuing Kaplan EduNeering’s Knowledge Summit tradition and hope you will join us.

Welcome to the 2010 Knowledge Summit